EDGE is a durable, stockable, all-aluminium chair developed for universal use, both in interior and exterior.

  • Gallery

    See for yourself how EDGE fits in different settings.

  • Form Follows Function

    The concept is based on Japanese origami where every surface has its purpose and where a clever composition of surfaces forms a perfectly balanced and functional whole.

  • Production Video

    The focus on quality is crucial. Every chair is manufactured using the latest technology and the final product is always scrutinized in order to meet strict quality criteria. The process of manufacture of one chair takes around eight hours.

  • RED DOT award

    In 2012, Peter Novague received the international red dot product design award for EDGE. We highly appreciate the award. It sets the standard we'd like to meet with our future products.

  • Design Story

    We present a short interview with the author and the background story behind designing EDGE.

  • Technical Aspects

    EDGE was subjected to a series of difficult tests. We've summarized all the data in a chart overview.